Add Lacey Details on Your Wedding Decor

Lace was considered to be old-fashioned just years ago, but the fabric has made a comeback and is quickly becoming a popular item in weddings. Lace has a look that’s classic, elegant, yet subtle. Lace adds an elegant look to the venue, as well as establishes a gentle ambiance.  Here are 3 ways to incorporate lace in the wedding decoration :

1. Lacy Candle Centrepiece

Combining clear glass cylinders with white lace and white candles make for an enchanting evening reception. Lit and placed in cylinders of different sizes, the candles will glow like moonlight, while the intricate lace patterns add a touch of delicateness to the wedding design.

2. Burlap, Flowers and Lace

Create a rustic but elegant floral centerpiece with burlap and laces. To make this centerpiece, start by picking flowers of soft hues and palettes. Retain their long, firm stems and wrap the middle part of the stems with burlap. Wrap the burlap with rustic lace, leaving both ends of the burlap uncovered for about 1 to 1½ inch. Place one bouquet wrapped in burlap and lace in a clear, tall glass cylinder.

3. Lace as a Delicate Addition

As an addition to the cake’s decoration, lace can easily put a sophisticated twist to an otherwise simple wedding tier. First, affix sugar-paste floral applique around each layer of a plain white four-tier cake. Use tinted lace and accessories to match the colour palette of the wedding. Then, put a pastel coloured, medium-size flower at the front of the top tier in a slanting position. Pale yellow lace and baby pink are good colour combination for a subtle and beautiful wedding feature.

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