Unique Event Decor Ideas

Every event is different and may have varying themes, but there are a few trends that are just recently breaking ground in the events industry that, we believe, has room in nearly any themed event. One of the largest, overarching trends, however, is interactive designs and layouts. With that said, we will be observing several different interactive event decor.

1. Art Mural

Event decor has the ability to make or break an event experience for your attendees at a certain event and also has a huge potential to be a trendsetting idea that will gain you plenty of attention. A unique idea we came across  is public-art-mural-type event mural. We can go about this a few different ways that could really be the next big thing in event decor.

  • Video Mapping
    One unique idea to fill up empty wall space is to project an augmented reality image via video mapping to make the room fit the style of the event theme!
  • Local Artist
    Hire a local artist or graffiti artist to paint a mural that matches the event or the theme of the event onto butcher paper, wood, or whatever medium you can afford to hang up in the largest wall space. This may be cheaper than video mapping depending on the vendor or event production company that could provide the video mapping equipment but it also depends on the artist hired, obviously. This could also be a great take-away from an event to hang up some event decor in the office.

2. ChalkBoard-lined Hallways

In large venues or for large events, there are usually hallways packed with attendees, waiting for main sessions and awards ceremonies to start, so why focus all of your attention for event decor on the main ballroom? One way to incorporate event decoration throughout the entirety of your event, line the hallway walls with black butcher paper or wood with chalkboard paint and supply attendees with chalk sticks in gift bags to decorate the walls themselves. This can be a great way to also share ideas, contact info, or just to have a fun time unleashing creativity.

3. Stained Glass Artwork

This is an idea a little more “out there” for event decoration, but if it were to be pulled off correctly, it has the potential to blow some peoples’ minds. An idea on how to incorporate this into event decor is to set up a wall with stained glass hanging in different areas with LED lights or Gobos behind the stained glass and allow attendees to move them and play with the hanging stained glass as they wish.

This wraps up our event decoration ideas for today. You’re invited to come in for a free consultation, by appointment, to discuss your event decor requirements and to look through some of our past work. Click here to contact us.


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