This whole thing got started by the multi-talented chiefs. They are a diverse chief of creatives from many backgrounds but they are united in one obsession : to make great work by crafting the best experiences that delivers success and results to our clients.

They believe in the future of the decoration industry, and strives to build an enterprise where people and ideas matter most. They do everything with their core values of honesty, hard work, and trust. Their goal is to have these characteristics influence everything they do in business and in life. They sincerely enjoy the work they do, and our clients garner the benefits.

weddingdecorationIrvan – Principal Pathfinder

With many years experience in event industry and investment, he is passionate about Fuchsia Decoration and strives for perfection. He is not only responsible for directing the marketing team, but also has a strong focus on business development. He values the importance of genuinely listening to his clients’ needs and his outgoing personality immediately puts them at ease. His focused approach and individualized assessment evokes a comfortable and confident feeling from his clients.

weddingdecorationMiming – Oracle of Opulence

Every great company needs a numbers man. We’re lucky to have one of the better ones in the country. A very well organized person that you’ve ever met. Responsible in keeping the books balanced and implementing key strategies on finance. He audits our numbers and ensures we’re as solid as can be. He has managed our family and keeps the structure of the business tight and together. Solving problems is his passion and combining business leadership with good old-fashioned geek smarts is his joy.

weddingdecorationDavid – Luminous Dreamcatcher

Creative is his middle name. He has a good eye for detail and strong determination. His experiences in design industry, leads to a professional and precise and beautiful approach to every decoration, keeping on track, and exceeding expectations. It’s ingenuity and love for the creative detail that make his talent. A pixel perfectionist, illustrator and ideas guy, he’s creative to the core. He loves getting inspired by travelling, exploring and taking photographs.

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